Tuesday, October 6, 2015

HELP TO FIND Mr. Krishna Rao 80 plus Senior Citizen Missing from Secunderabad since 19th Sep 2015

Name: Krishna Rao         

Age: 80+

Height: 5’5

Gender: Male

Look / Body Structure: Thin, bald, wears glasses and a hearing aid

Identification Mark: moles on left side of face, missing front top two teeth

Dress: checked shirt and shorts

Footwear:  sandals

Language known: English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil

Suspected to be suffering from Memory Loss (Dementia / Alzheimer’s) ? yes

Any Disease / Illness: Diabetes, poor eyesight and hearing

Missing Since: September 19, 2015 

Brief about the person (skill , work experience, personality , any clue etc ) : He was last seen by a family friend near Hotel Bassera in Secunderabad (close to the Secunderabad clock tower). He identified and called out to the acquaintance at which point the acquaintance suggested he return home as he looked hurt and had a bruise and some bleeding near his forehead/eye. He willingly sat in an auto and the acquaintance helped give directions home but he never returned.

Missing compliant lodge at and when: Complaint lodged in Musheerabad police station on Sept 20, 2015

Lost from: Secunderabad

Last Seen: Sept 19th, afternoon outside Hotel Bassera in Secunderabad

Originally from: Musheerabad, Hyderabad

Current Residence: 1-7-131/52, Musheerabad

Previous Residence: none

Relatives at:1-7-131/52, Musheerabad

If found please contact:
Postal Address:1-7-131/52, Musheerabad
Cell:9885977150., 9963082633
Email: siri.chunduri@gmail.com

Lets give them Dignity , Security , Love , Care & Smile.

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