Wednesday, October 15, 2014

HELP TO FIND Mr. Vedprakash Singhal, 68 yrs Senior Citizen Missing from Panipat, since 1st Oct 2014

Name: VedParkash Singal

Age: 68

Height: 5’7

Gender: Male

Look / Body Structure: healthy , weight 75.

Identification Mark: mole on right cheek

Dress: White kurta /pajama

Footwear:  slippers

Language known: hindi / english

Suspected to be suffering from Memory Loss (Dementia / Alzheimer’s) ?Possible , but no strong previous signs of same.

Any Disease / Illness: Gastric troubles

Missing Since:   1stoct 2014

Brief about the person (skill , work experience, personality , any clue etc ) :
He was retired govt. officer . Was BE/LLB by qualification.

Missing compliant lodge at and when:Panipat / 1stoct. 2014

Lost from : House in Panipat

Last Seen: 1stoct. 2014

Originally from:Panipat

Current Residence:  Panipat

Previous Residence: Panipat

Relatives at: Panipat / Gurgaon / Bangalore /Kanpur / haridwar etc.

If found please contact: Ankush Singal
Postal Address: 902/tower 6, Orchid petal , Gurgaon
Cell: 09654360339

Lets give them Dignity , Security , Love , Care & Smile.

Monday, May 5, 2014

HELP TO FIND Mrs. Hiraben Darji, 70yrs Senior Citizen Lady Missing from Nalasopara, Thane, since 3rd May 2014

Name: Hiraben Darji

Age : 70

Gender: Female

She was wearing maroon saree

She is new to the locality and speaks only gujrati.

If you get any details about her then please contact us:
Sureshbhai (son) - +919594528923
Rameshbhai (brother)  - +919892932133
Chandrakant (myself) - +919867327284

Lets give them Dignity , Security , Love , Care & Smile.

HELP TO FIND Mr. K.B Narasimhan, 74 yrs Senior Citizen Missing from Train near Pune , since 30th April 2014

Name.       ​ K.B Narasimhan

Age.          ​ 74 years
Gender.     ​ Male

Height.       ​6 feet

Body type.  ​Lean, Medium built with slight hunch on shoulders

Identification mark.     Nil

Dress.         ​Brick red cheques shirt wih navy blue pants

footwear.   ​ None

Languages known. ​English hindi and tamil

Suffering from ​Alzheimer's

other diseases. ​Parkinson's

Missing since. ​30th april night from rajkot express between lonavala and daund
Working ​Transformer and Rectifier at changodar , ahmedabad ,gujrat .

Missing complaint​ lodged at secunderabad

Lost from​ rajkot express train

Last seen ​around 9 pm on 30th april in rajkot express before lonavala

Originally from ​Ahmedabad

Current residence. ​B3, sona complex, vastrapur, ahmedabad

Prev add. ​None

If found pls ctc :​Deepa anantha. (Daughter)
Apt 101, Geetika vihar,Serilingampally,
Hyderabad 500019
9966672571  / 9908610644
Email. ​

Saturday, April 26, 2014

HELP TO FIND Mrs.Lingi Ammal, 74 yrs Senior Citizen Missing from Bangalore since 24th April 2014

Name: Lingi Ammal

Age:  74 Years

Height: 4.7 feet

Gender: Female

Look / Body Structure: Wrinkled skin, Artifical teeth, very lean, hairstyle -boy cut, gray hair

Dress: White saree with blue border

Footwear:  Slipper

Language known: Little Tamil , Baduga (Nilgiri community language which sounds similar to kanada)

Suspected to be suffering from Memory Loss (Dementia / Alzheimer’s)

Any Disease / Illness: Deaf

Missing Since:  24-04-2014 Thursday

Brief about the person (skill , work experience, personality , any clue etc ) :
She is new to Bangalore. She is native of village named Manjoor in ooty, the Nilgiris.
Well aware of Tea farming. Speaks broken Tamil and Baduga (Nilgiria native language).
She missed her way back home. Spotted near Temple, near school, few hotel in G.B.Palaya area .

Missing compliant lodge at and when: Madiwala Police station.

Lost from : 24-04-2014 Thursday

Last Seen: 25-04-2014 by few salesmen,auto drivers around the Matha School,G.B.Palaya locality.

Originally from: Manjoor, Ooty,The Nilgiris - 642319

Current Residence:  G.B.Palaya,Bangalore - 560068

Previous Residence: Manjoor,Ooty,The Nilgiris

Relatives at: Bangalore, Chennai and Ooty

If found please contact:
Kamal Chandran , G2, Sri Giri Nivas, Sri Rama Nagara, G.B.Palaya Road,Hongasandra,Bangalore-560068.
Cell: 9902934543 ; Residence  Tel No. : 9176030841,9176030841

More Information:
Our grandmother (Lingi Ammal) is missing since 24-04-2014 9:00AM. We reside in Bangalore. She usually visits nearby petty shop and returns home immediately.But on 24-04-2014 she went at around 8am and did not return. We realized at around 9 am and started looking for her, but couldn't find.She was spotted by few locals at that time walking towards Begur Road from Hongasandra.

Later got some clues from auto drivers,hotel workers,push-cart salesmen,and few locals that they did see her near Matha School G.B.Palaya, Lord Hunuman temple, G.B Palaya Subway entrance and hotels and bakery near G.B.Palaya bus stop and Matha School at different times on 25-04-2014.As she is scared and do have some problem with memory, she is not able to stay in one place and also ask for help.

MY family with other friends are searching for her in that area day and night, but no luck. Please check if you can help us in tracing her and kindly revert in case if you need some more information.

Note: We lodged complaint in MAdiwala police station on 24-0402914 and got it registered on 25-04-2014. I do not have the FIR copy handy, I shall send you the copy ASAP.
Thanks and Regards
Karthick Chandran

Lets give them Dignity , Security , Love , Care & Smile.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

HELP TO FIND Mr. Prabhakar Thakur, 81 yrs Senior Citizen Missing from Mahim, Mumbai since 14th Feb 2014

Name:  Prabhakar Aatmaram Thakur

Age: 81 Years

Height: 5 feet 10 Inches

Gender : Male

Look / Body Structure : Thin, Wheatish complexion, Brown eyes, straight nose

Identification Mark :Black spot on Nose due to Specs wearing, No other peculiar mark

Dress : White Kurta & Paijjama, full sleeves Blue sweater

Footwear : Sleeper

Languages Known : Marathi, Hindi, English

Suspected to suffering from Alzheimer  

No other illness / disease

Missing Since : 14 Feb 2014, evening 7.30pm

Experience : Woked as a purchase manager in procter & Gamble. He does Yoga & speaks about Yoga a lot to all on how to keep fitness ( Eyes & stomach )

Missing complaint lodged on : 14.02.2014, confirmed from Police on 15.02.2014 at Mahim Police Station

Lost from :Mahim Sitaladevi Road, Mumbai

Last Seen : 14.02.2014 at 7.30 pm

Originally from : Mumbai

Current Residence : C travasso House , Sitaladevi Temple road, Mahim ( West ) Mumbai 400016

Previous Residence : Same as current residence

Relatives Residence : Same as current Residence

If Found Conatct:
C Travasso House , Sitaladevi Temple road, Mahim ( West ) Mumbai 400016. Cell No : 9820338864 or 9819780606 . Residense Tel No : 24451312, 2445 1966

Lets give them Dignity , Security , Love , Care & Smile.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

HELP TO FIND Mr. G.SEETHARAMU, 70 yrs Senior Citizen Missing from Bangalore since 3rd Nov 2013


Age: 70

Height: 5’8”

Gender: MALE

Look / Body Structure: Lean

Identification Mark: 

Dress: Dark blue pant and Cream colour shirt

Footwear:   Black Chappal

Language known: Kannada, English,Tamil

Suspected to be suffering from Memory Loss (Dementia / Alzheimer’s)  NO

Any Disease / Illness: Slight Hypertension

Missing Since:  Nov 3 , 2013

Brief about the person (skill , work experience, personality , any clue etc ) :
RETIRED  from Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (  KPTCL -earlier KEB) as  Superintending Engineer.

Missing compliant lodge at and when: Bangalore, Nov 3.2013

Lost from: Banglore

Last Seen: Leaving from home in Rajajajinagar to  market

Originally from: Bangalore

Current Residence:  Bangalore

Previous Residence: Bangalore

Relatives at:Bangalore

Due to Complaint received from family we are removing their contact details: Hello Mr. Sailesh,

Can you please remove the  post about my father on the silver innings website?
People are misusing it and  we are getting unwanted calls.

Thanks  in advance.

If found please contact: 
Postal Address:0000000
Cell: 0000000 
Email: 00000000 

Lets give them Dignity , Security , Love , Care & Smile.