Wednesday, October 15, 2014

HELP TO FIND Mr. Vedprakash Singhal, 68 yrs Senior Citizen Missing from Panipat, since 1st Oct 2014

Name: VedParkash Singal

Age: 68

Height: 5’7

Gender: Male

Look / Body Structure: healthy , weight 75.

Identification Mark: mole on right cheek

Dress: White kurta /pajama

Footwear:  slippers

Language known: hindi / english

Suspected to be suffering from Memory Loss (Dementia / Alzheimer’s) ?Possible , but no strong previous signs of same.

Any Disease / Illness: Gastric troubles

Missing Since:   1stoct 2014

Brief about the person (skill , work experience, personality , any clue etc ) :
He was retired govt. officer . Was BE/LLB by qualification.

Missing compliant lodge at and when:Panipat / 1stoct. 2014

Lost from : House in Panipat

Last Seen: 1stoct. 2014

Originally from:Panipat

Current Residence:  Panipat

Previous Residence: Panipat

Relatives at: Panipat / Gurgaon / Bangalore /Kanpur / haridwar etc.

If found please contact: Ankush Singal
Postal Address: 902/tower 6, Orchid petal , Gurgaon
Cell: 09654360339

Lets give them Dignity , Security , Love , Care & Smile.