Friday, November 25, 2011

HELP find Missing Senior Citizens

This is blog is created by Silver Inning Foundation, an NGO that works with Senior Citizens to help find missing Senior Citizens in India and around Globe. 

If your elders or parents or friends who are 60 yrs & above goes missing, we request you to first file police complaint and send us the copy of police complaint , their Passport size photograph with other details and contact number at .

You need to look for missing people at places such as Old Age Homes , Hospitals , Railway Stations, Bus Stations, Religious places ,  Mental asylum , Clinics , Morgues , Foot paths , Parks/Gardens etc........

People who are 60yrs and above might be suffering from Alzheimer's / Dementia , a memory loss diseases which makes it difficult but not impossible to find them.  If any of them is suffering from such disease then request you to take precaution like - keep with them ID card , Telephone Diary , A name written wrist band etc .... you also need to have recent photo's of them , inform your relatives , friends and others.

We request government authorities and civil society to helps us to trace those Elders and help them to unite with their beloved.

Lets together we all join hands try to Find someone's missing Grandparents, Parent, Elders ...... 

Please note we are doing this in Good Faith and we are not liable with any wrong information provided by family and people.

This service is FREE OF COST ( for Online Posting ONLY) for helping to find missing Elders. We will use Social Media tools and if possible ground work  and help of Senior Citizens Associations, NGO's , Government , Media  and Police/Law agency.

Lets give them Dignity , Security , Love , Care & Smile.


  1. Great Initiative. To begin with, you may like to explore the site (this page in particular):
    and distribute info on missing older persons.
    Wider publicity among senior citizens will be useful. Most recent ones missing persons are likely to benefit.Thanks.

  2. Yes, truly this is a great initiative and I hope we can at least do the least we can to help them.

  3. please provide the sr.citizens even if they are not suffering from any such memory losses, with a cell phone. It will be very easy for any person to call some frequently dialed numbers and inform about the person. This will also help in case of accidents. we can also be in touch with them and know their where-abouts.